About Jasmyne

Jasmyne Boswell is a Coach,  Author,  Writing CoachSpeaker, and Teacher.P1000170 

For over 30 years Jasmyne has been a midwife to individuals in all fields, helping them successfully overcome personal stumbling blocks and to birth their business, career and projects. She uses her intuitive sense, her gift with the written word, and her years of experience to help bring your ideas and aspirations into form.

Jasmyne is the mother of two grown men and lives on Maui and in Los Angeles.She offers her services locally, nationally and internationally and also spends time in Boulder, Colorado where she has family and roots.  Besides enjoying the great outdoors where ever she is, Jasmyne Coaches Individuals, groups and teaches writing and communication in its many forms privately and at UHMC and the Maui Business Resource Center.

As a certified Council Trainer for the Ojai Foundation, while in Los Angeles, Jasmyne also trains and coaches individuals, couples, teachers, facilitators, students, communities and families in the art of authentic communication. https://www.centerforcouncil.org/affiliated-trainers.html

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Professional Studies:

Certified Council Trainer, Ojai Foundation, Ojai, California, 1994
Graduate of Coaches Training International (CTI), 1998
Undergraduate studies at Valley College and Santa Monica College in Los Angeles,   California and Regis University in Denver, Colorado
Numerous Professional Trainings in the fields of Management and Organization   Development, Neural Linguistics Programming, and Building Community in the   Classroom.


Author of What if the Problem’s Not the Problem???

CD – Natural Meditation.

Co-author – Power of the Sacred Living Letters

Columnist – Maui Weekly
Writing Teacher – The University of Hawaii 
Published Author – Articles in numerous newspapers
Ghost Writer – Trade magazines

Unknown-1Jasmyne’s writing group is the perfect resource for constructive feedback, and Jasmyne is expert at keeping everyone in the group on track. Her precise guidance is always relevant and valuable. Her one-on-one coaching sessions have also been invaluable in helping me with the organization and direction of my project, and in offering insightful reflection that has helped me to discriminate my own mental and emotional obstacles.
Pamela Dyson, Writer & Massage Therapist

UnknownThank you, Jasmyne. With your coaching, my writing and marketing skills have greatly improved. And, I look forward to writing because my communications are now authentic and congruent with my values. But most of all, thank you for helping me transform my relationship to the way I grow. You helped me see that my resistance was simply what I experienced just before breaking through the barriers to my next step. What a relief. —Christine Gust, MBA – Doctor of Naturopathy

shannonIt’s all her fault! I’m absolutely addicted to writing. 

Jasmyne’s model not only proved to be the outlet which brought out my authentic voice, it also taught me the technical aspects of writing memoir. Through verbal critiques, class handouts and group support – a classic combination – she enriches ones work feeding the writer with proper nourishment for growth. I’ve watched myself and other’s flourish in her special environment that has kept me motivated, inspired, accountable and connected to other’s who share the passion. Thank you Jasmyne for your expertise and caring style!
Shannon Nicole, Author

Writing poses two challenges—what to say and how to say it. Jasmyne Boswell was invaluable in editing my book. She brought a rhythm and cohesion to my writing and ultimately made it more understandable. 
Jeffrey Price, Author

Peter-Mellen-200x300I’ve worked with many editors and writing coaches, and I must say that Jasmyne is brilliant. When I am unable to see the forest for the trees, she has a way of seeing the bigger picture and zeroing in on the central theme. Then with gentleness and insight, she shows me how to make the writing sparkle and reflect my own voice. I always come away from our sessions inspired and flying high.
Peter Melen, Author


Jasmyne has not only helped me market my law practice, she has taught me how to market it. With her help, I have gone from waiting for the phone to ring to knowing how to make it ring. Within a short six months, she has helped me build a busy law practice in the highly competitive Boulder market. 
I would recommend her to any professional.
Rachel Maizes, 
Attorney at Law

P1000800Jasmyne has created a perfect structure that supports new writers and experienced writers.  The environment is set up to guide us through honest feedback from the group in a positive way, to continue to refine our stories. After taking several of her groups, I can see how my style of writing has become uniquely mine.  She has an ability to guide the group, bringing out the best in each of us. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Then she has the personal experience of publishing her work and I have watched her guide several people from the beginning of writing their story to completion in publishing their work.  She is a treasure.
Deva Kranto, Artist