Many of these articles were written for my column, Consider This . . . In the Maui Weekly.

You will find they cover the gamut from transformational tools and guidance, to dealing with writer’s block and distractions, to marketing in a recession.


Writing a Book—These articles should help get you started on your first memoir or any genre book endeavor.  If you are an experienced writer, it will give you some refreshers.

5 Key Points to Writing a Book

Writing a Memoir

It’s Your Life

Writing Your First Memoir

Transformation Themes—I have been involved in the transformation movement for many years and  these articles and my latest book, What if the Problem’s Not the Problem???, speaks to that unfolding.

What if the Problem’s Not the Problem

Driven to Distraction

Do Question

Miscellaneous Themes—You will find articles based on questions people had around coaching, their business and life itself.

Hire a Coach

Advertising and Marketing in a Recession

Do What You do Best and Get Help With the Rest

Creativity – Life’s Natural Elixir

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