Memoir Coach

Your Memoir is your Legacy


There are many ways to accomplish  writing your memoir. the hardest part is making the decision to do it and then to get started. 

  • I can help you gain the confidence to write your life story and point you in the right direction to help you begin writing.
  • If you would like to record your story(s) as opposed to writing it, I will interview you and then edit your story, creating a final copy.
  • We can also create an oral archive, if creating a book is not what you desire.

I will help you to:
Rouse your creative spirit
—Find your authentic writing voice
—Stay motivated when you feel discouraged
And, I will help you stay on track from start to finish.             

 I can teach you how to:

—Hook your reader from the start
—Paint a picture with words
—Write engaging dialogue
—Create an easy flow for your readers
—Organize your content
—And how to use other proven methods in a way
that engages both you and your reader.

Whether you’re writing your memoir for your family or for publication, I will help see you through from start to finish.

Together we’ll customize a coaching package that fits your needs and budget.

I teach and coach Memoir Writing because when my mother and father passed on, I still had so many unanswered questions about their lives. I decided to write mine so my sons would know me while I was still alive and be able to ask questions about what I might have left out.

This article can help you get started – Writing a Memoir


13511989_125790894514287_2016067258665637506_nAmazing, after just one session with Jasmyne, things are starting to fall into place. — Horst Antosch





Unknown-1Jasmyne’s precise guidance is always relevant and valuable. Her one-on-one coaching sessions have been invaluable in helping me with the organization and direction of my project, and in offering insightful reflection that has helped me to discriminate my own mental and emotional obstacles.
Pamela Dyson, Author, Massage Therapist