Peace of Mind – Only a Breath Away

Other people do not have to change for you to have peace of mind. ~Gerald Jampolsky

Circumstances do not have to change to have peace of mind. It is an inside job. ~Jasmyne Boswell

Peace of Mind – Only a Breath Away 

The political climate today is creating a tremendous stir in our external environment. Inadvertently, it affects our internal environment – our body and mind. This is making it even more important to have a practice that quiets us down and gives our mind and nervous system a rest.

If I’m having one of those days where it’s not easy to get away from internal chaos, I practice Natural Meditation. The nice thing about Natural Meditation is that once you experience the simplicity of its parameters, you can do it anywhere at any time.

In the beginning, you might want to try sitting quietly in the morning for 20 minutes. Find a place where you can sit with minimal distraction, sit comfortably, eyes closed and simply observe every thought or distraction that takes you away from being 100% still, present and relaxed. During this time you simply choose to sit quietly and give yourself an opportunity to slow everything down, your thinking as well as your body.

Without judgment or reaction to whatever arises, allow yourself to be with every thought or disturbance just as it is. Your only task is to sit quietly for 20 minutes or however long you decide — maybe just 10 minutes at first — and be aware of sensations, thoughts, noise, whatever enters your awareness.

Give yourself a chance to simply be, and see what happens. Can you sit still without the urge to get up? Or are you impatient, continually checking the time, opening your eyes to check your environment, etc.? Whatever distracts you, see if you can include it in a natural state of being, accepting everything just as it is. How easy or difficult is it for you to sit quietly without having to react to, or engage every thought, impulse or sound you hear?

No need to judge your experience right or wrong, just notice what occurs.
In time, it gets easier to sit quietly with less reaction to what can usually a distraction.

Engaging in this simple practice of Natural Meditation will slowly but surely give you the opportunity to create peace of mind in the middle of any situation.Give it a try?

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