Transformational Life Coaching

When you look in the mirror and can see your own perfection, transformation begins.

As your transformational life coach, I provide you with that mirror.

Learning to see the perfection beyond judgments and limiting thoughts is a must if we want to experience inner peace. Even a glimpse of this perfection and we’re changed forever.

Learning to see our perfection beyond judgments and limiting helps us see that perfection. Once this occurs, we’re changed forever.

Through self-inquiry you will discover what you truly long for.

Listening deeply to what you discover, is how we’ll begin.

Benefits of Transformational Life Coaching Sessions include:

  1. Vision – Seeing a vision of who you are and what you really want
  2. Recognition – Experiencing your value and worth
  3. Understanding – Becoming aware of self-limiting patterns and behaviors
  4. Practices – Learning how to shift your perception-
  5. Clarity – Planning new life paths that bring you what you seek
  6. Courage – Taking the steps to have what you want.

During transformational life coaching sessions, whether in person on Maui or by phone or Skype, together we’ll bring about the changes you are looking for to bring more peace and happiness, love and passion into your life.

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What if the Problem’s Not the Problem???, the title of Jasmyne’s book, is also a worthy inquiry and the title of the first practice on the path to simple awakening to your true nature. This inquiry offers you a fresh approach for handling all the so-called inconveniences and challenges that make us think we have problems and distract us from living fully. Our thoughts that propel most of our actions and reactions are too often automatic based on pre-programmed notions. Because of this, we have difficulty seeing how they keep us from being present in the moment, where problems don’t exist, and our true wisdom and clarity abide.

This one practice that leads to a simple change in perspective will amaze you and simplify your life. When applied to everyday situations, this awareness will render you free of stress and awaken you to a new way of being in the world. You will reclaim your own authority and elevate your consciousness tenfold.

Learn this practical step first hand and problems will cease. It’s really very simple. It will help you discover a depth of connection to your Self and give you the simple truth about what it takes to feel free and at peace in your everyday life.

 The book is an easy, quick and enjoyable read!