Sparking your Creative Muse

Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my
fingers. ~
Isaac Asimov

Sparking your Creative Muse

Your mind is busily making up stories all the time. The stories can range from what somebody said to you and how you would have responded if only you’d thought of it at the time, to fantasies about a future evening or trip, to what it would be like if you were only smarter, better looking, richer, more successful, or more spiritually awakened, just to name a few. When someone tells me they want to write but don’t know how to write a story I often say, “Just listen to your thoughts for a while. You are constantly creating stories.”

If you’re having trouble deciding what to write about, listen to your thoughts. Your mind is continuously at work. Place your attention on your thoughts and you’ll have all the material you need.

Using your mind as a creative muse, listen until a thought inspires you. Follow that thought and see where it takes you. It may take you in a logical or illogical direction. Doesn’t matter. Sit down at your computer or with paper and pen, and start writing. At some point you’ll find a word or phrase that sparks your imagination. Soon, words will flow from your fingertips.

If that doesn’t work for you, here’s another tactic. I recently gave a talk at the Makawao Library on Maui. For the experiential part of the hour I gave participants the beginning of a sentence – You turned the corner and  – – –  then gave them seven minutes to write a story that began with those words. Pen to paper, they didn’t stop until told they had one minute to wrap it up.

The purpose of the exercise was to give them a tool they could use at home when they felt blocked or didn’t know where to start. This writing exercise is like stretching before going for a run. It get’s the creative juices flowing. The key is to get started.

You doon’t have to make writing a difficult and serious adventure.  Sit down with a friend at home or at a coffee shop and give each other a partial sentence. The idea is to get yourself in the habit of expressing on paper. Use the sentence above or make one up. Even something as simple as, Passing a surfer hitchhiking, I . . .  or Sammy had the nerve to . . . . will do.

Whether using your thoughts or a partial sentence prompt, either can help beginners and even the more experienced writer get ther creative juices flowing. Try one and turn on your artistic muse.


NOTE:  Writing what your mind is dishing up can also be theraputic. It helps you see what’s going on in your internal world. If you’re troubled or feeling disturbed, it puts what’s going on right in front of your eyes. Getting it down on paper and out of your head gives you great perspective. Then, if you’re ready to get creative, change the name of the characters, if you like, and watch your story unfold.

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