Writing is Good for the Soul –

“Writing means sharing. It’s part of the human condition to want to share things–thoughts, ideas, opinions.” ~ Paulo Coelho

Our lives are filled with experiences.  If we don’t tell others about them or write them down, they are usually lost in the shuffle of time. Maybe that’s for the good, but perhaps not.

When prospective writing clients call me, they often say that friends tell them they should write about their lives.  Some say this because their lives have been interesting. Others hear this from friends who love the way they tell a story through their emails or letters.

What most people who champion others to write often don’t realize is that while writing involves talent, it also requires the passion for telling a particular story and the discipline to follow it through to the very end.

If you’re thinking of writing a book, you should understand the elements of good writing. And in addition, you might also ask yourself these questions:

1.    Do I enjoy sitting down at the computer or with paper and pen to create using words?

2.    When I hit resistance in a project, do I tend to walk away or work it through?

3.    Do I finish what I start, or am I surrounded by unfinished projects?

4.    Am I willing to set aside time on a regular basis to write?

5.    Is the story or information something I’m compelled to write and have the discipline to see through?

If you answered most questions with a “Yes,” let your creative muse have its way with you.

If most of your answers are “No,” it might be better to put a committed project off until you’re ready.

But do keep writing. It is good for the soul.



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