There’s no “Right” Way to “Write!”

There’s no “Right” Way to “Write!”

A sure way to create writer’s block or to stop your self from starting is to think that the only way to write is to isolate yourself in a room for hours every day. If you feel inspired to write and that image of a writer is stopping you, create a new image. There is not “one way” to do anything?

The place of isolation can become the place of revelation. ~Steven Furtick

Isolation tends to exhaust the energy charge of the soul. ~The Urantia Book, Page 1776 (160:2.8)

               When it comes to your creative flow, no one sets the rules but you!

I have clients who love locking themselves in a room for hours, pouring their souls out on paper. They find their muse within those four walls, search the Internet for ideas, their writing flows forth and they emerge feeling fulfilled and refreshed. Others, who also love to write, do everything to limit the hours of quiet solitude and still create a great narrative.  Instead, they take their computer to a coffee shop, working better with the clatter and the chatter of others to break the silence. One of my clients walks on the beach until the story starts taking shape before returning to her desktop to download.

Everyone finds the right balance for his or her optimal writing experience and productivity.

         With Wi-Fi and laptops, there’s no need to get stuck in a pattern that inhibits your creativity.

The key, of course, is to do what works for you. Each morning we awaken to a new day and new moods with different needs and preferences. So why not see what moves you when the time comes!

As artists, we use our pallet of words to create our blogs and books. We let others inspire us, but it is our nod, smile or feeling that says, “That’s it” when our piece is done. The same is true for our process. The day I understood that there’s no right way of doing anything creative, was a day of celebration. It took me a while to see how I was feeding the noise in my head that kept saying, “You’re doing it wrong,” by listening to it and believing it!” Breaking the habit of giving it all my attention and energy, is an ongoing process and worth the effort.

There is no right way to be a writer, there’s only the way that works.

By focusing on images and ideas that spark your artistic flame, you gift yourself the freedom of pioneering your own path to your creative muse.

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