Blog Writing Tips for Authors and Bloggers

Focusing on the main point of your blog is crucial to its success. So before you start to write, ask yourself–

 What am I trying to communicate?

Once you are clear of the idea you want to get across, create a title that will capture the attention of potential readers. Make sure you include the main keyword phrases that people would use when searching for the topic you are covering.
Next, create an outline listing a few of the points needed to clearly communicate your message. Then, write something under each of those that best emphasize the points you want to get across.
Make sure your content fulfills your message based on the title.  Write subheads that break your main points into digestible sections. Then, as in most good writing, have an ending that brings your post full circle.

(Do not look for perfection in your first draft. Let your creative muse flow before you start editing. You can perfect what you have to say in your rewrite.)

Building a following:
     If you’re trying to build an audience, which is usually one of the reasons for blogging, make sure you invite them to join your mailing list for future posts and direct them to your home page or book’s website.
     Last, and anything but least, when you feel complete, ask yourself, does this blog post:

  • Communicate what I intended?      
  • Benefit the reader?
  • Include keywords so it will show up on searches for my topic?
  • Include a call to action and a reason for readers to join my mailing list?
     This should get you started. Look for more on blogging in my next newsletter.


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