Be Seen as an Expert in Your Field


Why not put all you know in writing and open new doors to further your success? Why not write a book that encourages others to turn to you?

When someone puts his or her knowledge and wisdom into writing, it creates a certain aura of success. What’s your first thought or feeling when you meet an author? Many are simply enamored.

In the days of old, if you wanted to be seen as an expert in your field, you wrote articles in a trade magazine in your field. If you couldn’t write, you had someone do it for you. It was essential to stand out amongst your peers.

Today, those who want to be known, write a book. It is an invaluable tool to boost your visibility and be seen as an expert in your field.

Take into consideration all you can communicate. You have personal stories of how you got to where you are today. You have the success stories of your achievements and those of the clients you’ve helped and the methods you’ve used. You have knowledge and wisdom from your experience and from all those books you’ve read, courses you’ve taken, and mentors who have inspired you.

Is It Now Your Time to Inspire Others?

Successful people CAN and DO inspire and influence others. You’ve turned to books and speakers in the past. Why not write a book that encourages others to turn to you?

Step one is to find your authentic writing voice. It’s not only what you say, it’s how you say it. It may sound corny, but when you speak from your heart and your experience, others will listen.

For those who doubt you do have something to write that is worth reading, here are the words of C.S. Lewis, best known today for his series Chronicles of Narnia.

“Even in literature and art, no man who bothers about originality will ever be original: whereas if you simply try to tell the truth (without caring two pence how often it has been told before) you will, nine times out of ten, become original without ever having noticed it.”

It’s not as difficult as you think. If you have trouble getting started, I have articles on LinkedIn and my website to help you along. I also offer a complimentary initial consultation. Call or email for an appointment.



Jasmyne Consulting - 30 year’s experience - Creative Book Writing Coach/Editor for Memoirs and Novels, helping clients overcome writer’s block to successfully complete and publish their work. She helps writers at all levels including ESL clients. Freelance writing for resumes, proposals business and query letters, blogs, brochures, websites.

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