One of the things I love most about writing is how it transports me to a place where I am focused and present. All else fades away once I settle down and give in to that creative impulse. Then, it’s a question of being still enough to hear my muse and let it guide my words.

Using the mind in this way is a developed skill. It allows your muse to be heard over the busy and sometimes critical mind. For those who meditate or have meditated, it’s much the same process. It’s not about commanding the busy or critical mind to be quiet. It’s not about ignoring it to make it go away. It’s about noticing where you’re putting your attention and choosing to give that attention to the writing you have chosen to do.

If your busy mind is taking you into future plans or rehashing old conversations, etc., notice that is what it is doing and then refocus. If it’s judging your writing or your ability to write, notice that. Then move your attention back to your intended purpose and listen for the voice that encourages you and offers possibilities for the work you sat down to do. Do this each time your mind drifts. Like any training, you build that muscle and soon your busy mind will get curious and follow your attention.

Whatever you give your attention to energizes and fuels your action. Choosing is the final act before taking a right or left turn, or a step closer to your creative muse.


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