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Writing Tip of the Week-2/27/19

Whether you Self-Publish or use a Publishing house, you will need to build a platform (people ready to buy your book on release).

Start creating a relationship with your target audience early in the process. There are many ways you can achieve this.

  • Create a blog
  • Setup a YouTube Channel
  • Use Social Media
  • Start a newsletter to build an email list
  • Ask friends and family to share your information

Your unique story will draw your target audience to you. Make them feel a part of your process, and they will be more likely to share your entries with their friends. 



Jasmyne Consulting - 30 year’s experience - Creative Book Writing Coach/Editor for Memoirs and Novels, helping clients overcome writer’s block to successfully complete and publish their work. She helps writers at all levels including ESL clients. Freelance writing for resumes, proposals business and query letters, blogs, brochures, websites.

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